Monday, April 10, 2017

A Battle of Love

A Battle of Love is #150 in the Pink Collection and was published in March 2017. We are getting close to the end of this great collection of Barbara Cartland's unpublished novels.

The Marquis of Darincourt has decided to marry and proposes to Lady Charlotte Warde, only to be rejected because he's not a duke! Frustrated, he leaves only to encounter Lady Charlotte's cousin, Serla, who is an unwanted poor relation. To save face, he and Serla decide to become engaged, so that no one can think Lady Charlotte turned him down, but she has revenge in store in this great regency novel!

This cover art looks unique with a servant helping lift Serla onto the Marquis's horse.

I am excited to see and read the last dozen novels in this posthumous collection.

Friday, March 10, 2017

They Ran Away

They Ran Away is #149 in the Pink Collection by Barbara Cartland. Published in February 2017, it's one of the final titles in this series that should contain 160 books.

Alvina, whose father is arranging her marriage to a newcomer in their neighborhood, decides to stow away on a yacht that is traveling to France to stay with a friend. However, the owner, the Earl of Penwood, is also being forced to marry and they decide to join forces until she is kidnapped in this exciting novel!

This cover is identical to The Bars of Iron by Ethel M. Dell, one of Cartland's Library of Love series.

An interesting observation is that this heroine looks a lot like Princess Diana, even though the original book was published way before her engagement and wedding to Prince Charles.

Love Saves the Day

Love Saves the Day is #148 in the Barbara Cartland Pink Collection and was published in January 2017. It's a story about Tiana Weston who inherited a rundown house in Dorset. Her dream is to restore the house but she is poor. Her neighbor, the Earl of Austindale, needs to marry by his 30th birthday or lose his inheritance so they decide to join forces and marry each other.

This cover is identical to the UK Arrow book Lessons in Love.

Friday, January 13, 2017

The King Wins

The King Wins is #147 in the Barbara Cartland Pink Collection. This novel was published in December 2016 and it's the story of King Martiza of Salamos and Princess Veria of Kavolana whose governments are determined to pair together even though neither wish to wed. They become friends while fighting the Russians and in the end enlist Queen Victoria to give them aid.

This cover is identical to Camfield #32 Haunted.

Friday, December 9, 2016

The Weapon is Love

The Weapon is Love by Barbara Cartland is #146 in the Pink Collection and was published in November 2016. The vicar's daughter, Lucinda, is asked to come to the home of the Earl of Rockhaven to help him entertain a German baron and his son who are visiting. Lucinda and Ivan, the earl's son, find love as they pit their wits against the Germans in Berlin in the days before WW1.

So here is something different: this cover looks like a mash up with the heroine's face from the UK cover of The Secret Fear
The hero comes from the Library of Love book, Tetherstones

Pink #99 also used the cover from The Secret Fear:


Friday, November 11, 2016

The Duke Hated Women

 The Duke Hated Women is #145 in the Barbara Cartland Pink Collection and was published in October 2016. This story is about Sheldon's uncle, the Duke of Dartmoor, who lives reclusive after the elopement of his fiancee. Sheldon accepts a dare that he can't get a job in his uncle's household and ends up helping the duke unexpectedly find a wife!

This cover is an old partial Francis Marshall drawing. It was on Bantam's Library of Love #6 The Reason Why

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Music from Heaven

Music from Heaven is #144 in the Barbara Cartland Pink collection and was published in September 2016.

Martina Bradshaw's parents have recently died and her father left written music that suddenly holds an interest for a neighbor. She gets a job teaching a little girl who lives nearby and falls in love with the girl's brother while the neighbor plots to gain control of her father's music!

This cover is one that I can't find has been used before. If a sharp eyed reader sees its match, let me know!!